Ryan Hamrick
Hand-lettering & Design

Venture #Bucketlist Project

I've been asked to contribute to a new project from Capital One for its Venture Card called The Venture #BucketList — an online campaign aimed at taking your dreams of travel to various exotic destinations and turning them into inspiring pieces from talented Tumblr artists.

The aspirations represented in these posts are pulled directly from an already-ongoing conversation on Twitter under the tag #bucketlist, where people are sharing their lifelong travel dreams, amongst other things.

Final inverted brush pen comp for Tumblr Radar post at venture.tumblr.com

The goal here was for each artist to create hand-lettered pieces from each chosen tweet that showed his or her individual style, while still working well alongside the others.

This will be an ongoing series over the next several weeks, so stay tuned! Be sure to check all the other current and future posts and reblog the ones you'd add to your #BucketList on the official Tumblr: venture.tumblr.com

Africa Sunset 1.jpeg
Eastern Europe Brush Sketch.jpeg

 Date: July - August 2013  •  Client: Capital One  •  Art Direction: Monina Velarde

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