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Hamrick | Today at Apple

A brief overview of some past experiences that have thoroughly prepared me for a Creative role at Apple

Creative Mornings Austin on stage at Zach Theater


I've had the opportunity to speak at many different events all over the country so far, and will be expanding that to all over the world after some upcoming engagements. From conferences and company all-hands meetings, to my own 40-day, 15-city nationwide road trip workshop tour last summer, I've spoken in front of thousands and instructed over 500 students.

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Adobe Creative Jam

I was asked to be one of four Austin design leaders to speak at Adobe's big Creative Jam design contest, held at Vuka downtown.

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Creative Mornings

I am part of an esteemed alumnus of speakers at a global monthly speaking series called Creative Mornings, where each month, a prominent local creative speaks on a global them in over 150 cities worldwide.


Dribbble Overtime Podcast

I was interviewed for Overtime, the podcast of the world's leading social and work-sharing platform for designers, Dribbble.com.




I've conducted small- and large-scale workshops on numerous subjects, including lettering, primarily, but also design on the iPad Pro with Procreate, Social Media marketing, and photography for social media.

 Creative lettering workshop at Adobe Max, 2016

Creative lettering workshop at Adobe Max, 2016


Curves Ahead Tour: Chicago

Workshop for over 50 people at the Threadless headquarters in Chicago

Curves Ahead Tour: Pittsburgh

Workshop for 30 people at Cotton Bureau's headquarters in Pittsburgh


Full-Day iPad Pro Lettering Workshop at TypeCon 2017 in Boston

All-day workshop with 15 people, focusing on the ins and outs of the iPad Pro and Procreate as crucial design tools, custom brush creation, and lettering techniques as part of the 19th annual TypeCon conference in Boston.


 Speaking to one of six student groups at my daughter Lyric's elementary school, as part of a STEAM day, with parents presenting about their jobs

Speaking to one of six student groups at my daughter Lyric's elementary school, as part of a STEAM day, with parents presenting about their jobs


I love kids. So much, in fact, that I went and got two of my own. This has given me several opportunities to contribute and participate in their lives at school, and it's always a blast.


Third Grade Class Lettering Workshop

I had a blast teaching the my daughter's class about calligraphy and lettering, showing them examples and how-tos on my iPad.

A portion of this fun day was recorded and included on the podcast I was producing at the time. Listen to a clip below.


Thriller Remix and Dance Mashup

My son is regularly asked to choreograph a solo for the school dance class' seasonal school shows. This spring, I helped him by producing a trap-style Thriller remix for him to choreograph a dance blending some of the traditional Thriller video moves with the more modern hip-hop moves he loves. He stole the show.