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Winter is Here Print

Winter is Here Print


Winter is here.

If you've been following HBO's Game of Thrones series for the last six years, you know how central the phrase, and motto of House Stark, "winter is coming" has been to the narrative since the very beginning. In fact, the very series premier episode in season one bears the motto as its title.

A couple of weekends ago, the finale episode of season six brought a new phrase that immediately stood out like Wun Wun the Wildling giant: "Winter is here."

To avoid any spoilers, I'll stop short of sharing what "Winter is here" pertains to, exactly, but for GoT fans who are caught up and know, I made this print to celebrate the series milestone. The design was created completely on the iPad Pro in the excellent app Procreate.

This is a 20x16 inch digital print on photo-quality matte paper.

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