Ryan Hamrick
Hand-lettering & Design




Do you love letters? How about love letters? Then you'll probably love periodic letters from me about our mutual love of letters.

I've been thinking a lot lately about how beneficial it might be to have a "newsletter" with subscribers who voluntarily declare their interest in hearing about things from me. I figure most people are like me, and miss a lot of what others share online (including good friends whom we genuinely care about being in the loop with), simply because we're too busy to read through every tweet, Facebook post, blog post, etc. on a daily basis.

My email inbox can get crazy at times, but the truth is, regardless of how embarrassing my response time typically is, I do see every message that comes in—something I can't honestly say about any other form of communication.

So since that's the only way to guarantee that something makes it to my eyes, I figure why not offer that option to anyone that might not want to miss anything big from me. Plus, if no one subscribes, it'll be a great ego check, and I'll know exactly where I stand with all of you.

Newsletters often suck and end up feeling spammy and annoying, so I'll be keeping that in mind with every message I even consider sending you. I'm a pretty big fan of not hating myself, so I promise to not overload you or email you about every Dribbble shot I take.

But if you want to make sure you're in the loop when workshops break out, or when my Skillshare course is finally open for registration, or are just interested in hearing more about that awesome pen in the above shot that my father-in-law made me for Christmas (yeah, you read that correctly) and what plans we might have for making some other custom writing/drawing tools together, then please join me for what should be a ton of fun.