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Bearded’s Matt Griffin on Designers Knowing How to Code

Matt Griffin of Bearded Studio here in Pittsburgh took to the Bearded Blog today to touch on the whole “should designers know how to code” debate that’s been so heavily beaten to death as of late.

He adds a few valuable points to the discussion, and speaks to the same sentiments I’ve been promoting.

To me the question is not whether or not a designer knows how to code, but whether or not a designer understands the medium in which they are working. In other words: are you a designer, or a web designer?
Now it does seem unlikely to me that a designer can truly understand the ins and outs of designing for the web without at least a rudimentary grasp of HTML and CSS. But in our business, coding knowledge alone won’t save you.

There’s a difference between knowing all the particulars of the development side of building for the web, and caring about it. The decision to learn and practice actual coding as part of your work is ultimately yours. No onereally cares whether or not you as an individual take it upon yourself to become a multi-disciplinary web designer. But if you don’t at least regard and respect the other very crucial piece of the puzzle, then perhaps web design isn’t for you.

There are plenty of things you can design without having to care about HTML, CSS and the like.